Our Story

When thinking of Florentine Gardens, the last thing that might pop into mind is a hot dog truck. But that’s how Thomas Daidone, founder and owner of Florentine Gardens, got his start in business and caught his entrepreneurial bug.

At the age of 18, Tom bought his first truck, selling New Jersey’s best hot dogs to friends and fans alike. People loved what he sold—sales soared. And by the time Tom was 22, he’d expanded into owning a fleet of hot dog trucks, catering to people and businesses throughout New Jersey and, importantly, learning the ropes of building a business dream.

“Absolutely nothing compared to the feeling we got when we walked inside Florentine – not just the amazing decor that’s in perfect, brand new condition – but the people… THE PEOPLE! We felt like home. We were treated me like family as soon as we walked through the doors and 24/7 throughout planning.”


But in 1989, after four years of hard work and much to show for it, Tom made a shift, turning his eye from hot dogs to the hot real estate market. And that’s how Florentine Gardens came into his life…or he walked into Florentine Gardens, a massive estate that, with some serious TLC, had the potential to become an extraordinary life-long investment.

At the time, the property was for sale and needed work. But Tom had a vision. He could see beyond those challenges and, in fact, had big ideas around how to bring out the innate beauty of the property, plus enhance it over time. No doubt, there is something to be said for achieving a vision. He purchased the property and after an initial renovation, opened it up for weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs and select special events.

But he also opened the business up to family, specifically his children – Maria, Amanda, and Ciro – who upon completing college all worked for “just one summer”… and never left. Together, they all helped contribute to and still play an active role in sustain the business’s success. In time, each found their own unique calling. Maria Daidone, one of the managers, tends to the property, staff and guests with clockwork precision. Amanda Daidone, who owns her own luxury wedding-design business, offers her talent and sense of style to Florentine Garden customers. And Ciro Daidone, president, has now taken on a significant role in sales and seeing that each couple’s wishes are met with exceptional accuracy through truly customized, start-to-finish experiences.

“Upon speaking to Ciro and Sal, they assured us that our wedding would be magnificent — they were right!!! This family run business absolutely became a part of our family that day.”

Cathy C

Established for over three decades, Florentine Gardens has never stopped improving to keep up with the times, the trends and ever-evolving needs of our customers and our guests. Our chic, meticulously cared for estate recently underwent extensive additions and renovations with the goal to allow our customers more flexibility in the wedding experience and the ability to really maximize the customization factor and up the “wow” factor. You’ll find attention to detail in everything we do, from the intricate design of our gardens to how we care for our sparkling clean facility, and bring in special touches that make you and your guests feel pampered on this perfect day. Contact us today to begin planning your perfect day at The Estate at Florentine Gardens.

The Florentine Gardens team

About Florentine Gardens

Providing luxury, all-day wedding experiences and special events since 1989, Florentine Gardens is home to New Jersey’s most exclusive boutique wedding estate. Located in River Vale, about an hour north of New York City, Florentine Gardens is renowned for its beautifully manicured gardens and grande wedding hall, featuring multiple spaces for completely customized wedding ceremonies and receptions for up to 350 guests. Family-owned and operated since 1989, our estate—and the team behind it—provides polished, personalized and professionally run experiences, one wedding at a time.

Proud to be a family owned business.

Thomas Daidone’s love for family and beauty is evident in every aspect of the estate. From the meticulously cared-for gardens, to the beautifully appointed mansion, to the outstanding cuisine, to the professional care the staff gives to each of our guests.

Professionalism & pride in what we do…

Weddings at Florentine Gardens stand apart, thanks to the dedication and hand-holding of not just family but other team members, like Sal Travis, director of entertainment and services and the one who orchestrates everything from the music to tech and extraordinary special effects. Then there’s the executive chef, Jamie Milkman, formerly of Bergen County’s iconic Jamie’s Restaurant, who from the appetizers to desserts whips up impressive, highly diverse and flexible high- value menus. These esteemed hires join a number of other staff members as an extension of the Daidone family, providing unmatched white-glove treatment. Whatever your wishes, we’ve got you covered. Contact us to begin planning your wedding at The Estate at Florentine Gardens.