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Wedding Ballroom in New Jersey

Meticulously fashioned in the Georgian style for an encounter that’s simultaneously refined and timeless, our Grand Ballroom is a defining feature of The Estate at Florentine Gardens. During the last 31 years, we’ve employed our keen eye for detail across every component of this remarkable suite. Capable of seating up to 360 individuals, our wedding ballroom in New Jersey is thoroughly equipped for weddings of any size.

To create maximum flexibility in ambiance and lighting, the Grand Ballroom has over a dozen floor-to-ceiling windows with darkening shades. These windows frame a gorgeous dance floor, which is positioned between posh dining areas. Complete with a rustic fireplace, our wedding ballroom effortlessly produces a cozy feel. The entire space emanates a warm, golden glow, providing flawless photo opportunities.

Some additional elements that characterize our wedding ballroom in New Jersey are our 10-foot chandeliers. These lighting fixtures lend a historic, classy vibe to the Grand Ballroom. The brightness of the bulbs can be raised to maximum brightness for wedding party entrances and dinner and lowered for dancing hours to create the ideal environment for each stage of your event.

The Juliet balcony adjoined to the Grand Ballroom is another stately feature of The Estate at Florentine Gardens. Perfect for the bouquet toss, bridal party photos, newlywed photos, or any moment that needs some extra flair, this is a can’t-miss unit of our grounds. You can request floral accents to accompany your photos here for a modern pop, or you can go with the natural surrounding greenery for a more traditional look.

We adhere to a scrupulous maintenance and renovation schedule to ensure we’re always providing our guests with an impeccable experience. We want you to feel just like family for your big day, and if we can do anything to further enhance your time here, don’t hesitate to let us know. Start envisioning your dream wedding today!