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When planning for a wedding, a key stressor can be picking out a Honeymoon destination. Our Florenteam has gather their favorite places to give couples a guide to finding the perfect destination. A Honeymoon is a place to relax and destress after the big day.


Sorrento, Italy


Sorrento is a costal town in southwestern Italy that overlooks the bay of Naples. Sorrento is know for their tasty lemons and sliced peaches soaked in wine. The town is famous for producing lemoncello which is a sweet lemon liqueur. From as early as April till late October Sorrento is a thriving and busy city. It is a perfect Honeymoon destination and offers a variety of activities. We wanted to list some a things we love about Sorrento!

Our Favorite Beach: Marameo Beach

Our Favorite Restaurant: Ristorante Bagno Al Defino

Things to do & Places to visit

Sorrento Experiences Boat tours: Take a private tour around the coast and sunbathe with your loved one!

Via San Cesareo: Side Street filled with hidden gems!

Marina Grande: Peaceful Port away from the city which makes for a perfect place to take a stroll along the water and enjoy the sights.

Marina Piccola: Also known as “Little Harbor” is a beautiful place to enjoy a boat ride or just take in the beautiful views!

Piazza Tasso: The main square of Sorrento filled with a variety of restaurants


Must Tries:

Raki: Delicious homemade Gelato, voted best in all of Sorrento!

Limoncello: Tasty Lemon liqueur one of Sorrento’s staple items!







Recommended place to stay-

Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria 


Happy Travels!


With Love,

The Floren-Team